On the maps drawn by men there is an immense white area, terra incognita, where most women live.
That is all yours to explore, to inhabit, to describe.

-- Ursula K. Le Guin

A lack of cover
51" x 68"
Acrylic and gouache on paper


We wore black suits that made us like one another and we were invincible
57 x 58
Acrylic, gouache on paper

rainstormwet foliage detail

The mornings cried out and everything smelled of worms
61 x 58
Acrylic, watercolor, gesso, gouache and collage on paper


We had rituals we didn't know what for
64 x 84
Acrylic, watercolor, gesso, gouache and charcoal on paper

hanging chairs

Entering the elephant
72" x 58"
Acrylic, gouache, watercolor and ink on paper

large swimmerdetail

The weight of a hole
58" x 72"
Watercolor, gouache and collage, with incisions into paper


When our tongues were outgrown
60 x 42
Acrylic, watercolor, ink on paper

boob in water

We made our bodies into other things
58 x 45
Acrylic, watercolor, gesso, gouache on paper


Us, all hanging inside out
58 x 56
Acrylic, gesso, gouache on paper

All photos except for Entering the elephant and The weight of a hole by Larry Gawel